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Under the slogan of “Innovation 21C Leader of Environment Test Facility”, We, 3S KOREA, are Succeeded in localizing of the design and manufacture and operating software of R & HVAC test Equipment through as our own unique technology Innovation. As the result, we have been Capable of supplying the high precise products in our major customers, and contributed to raise.
Not only substitution effect of the import but also the international competitiveness in the Calorimeter market.


We, 3S KOREA CO., Ltd, will try to be born again as enterprise of middle standing for customers, Stockholders and personnel, as we have been registered of a listed company in KOSDAQ in 2002. Now, We have been extending our business to Southeast Asia and the Middle East, etc, Since we have established 3S CHINA CO., Ltd in China

3S KOREA, the Compass of Environment Industry At the 21C, raising the importance of global environmental problem, there is the enterprise contending with competitive power that integrates Bio industry with technical expertise. For being the pillar, doubling the value of enterprise, the enterprise, advancing powerfully with workmanship during the past 10years, is the 3S KOREA Co.,Ltd.