CEO’ message

22's years Long History of 3s Smart Technology Service

Promise to be a leading company of the environmental industry for the clean and pleasant life in 21C. INNOVATION 21C LEADER 3S KOREA


All human beings are great interested in the future. Sometimes feeling uneasiness or dreaming the hopeful future, they are looking forward to the coming future. The company, like human life, makes steady progress toward the future.


We, 3S KOREA Co., Ltd, are lining up for the new start for new future, new environment, and new company, if the hitherto terms of 18 years was a preparing period for 3S KOREA.


Under the company principle of “Innovation 21C Leader of Environment Test Facility”, we, 3S KOREA Co., Ltd, are about to begin the global business, with the basic system for environment industry from the Air conditioning industry to Automotive Calorimeter, VOCs measuring equipment, Marin Bio, Parts Distribution business.


We create the new environment through these our efforts and make global cooperation with management strategy and new technology, which have made human life affluent. We promise to be reborn as ‘The greatest company regarding Test Facility in the world’.